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Beware Of House Removal Scam With These Tips

When you decide to move into another home, the next step you have to take is the moving process. It could take weeks or even months of planning in order to prepare for your big move, if you do it all on your own. But, it all can be easier for you if you decide to hire a sydney furniture removalists. The help of removalist will make your moving experience easier, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the process of getting into your new home, but here’s a catch there are a lot of removalists out there that operate with the intention of sabotaging their clients and gain as much money as they can and leave you with a bad moving experience.

Removalists like these will give you nothing but more burden and also increase the level of anxiety during your move. They will pull out all the tricks to take advantage of you, especially knowing your urgency to move into your new home right away.

Signs Of House Removal Scam

  • The Company’s Credential

    These days the majority of companies have their own website to display what they offer to their customers, it shows they are reputable as a company. Also, you should look into the fact if they have any official residence because if they are not it is a big indication that they are a scam and you cannot ask for their accountability if something detrimental happens during the moving process.

  • Pre Survey

    One of the most crucial process when you hire a removalist is doing a pre-survey, if you hire a removalist and they oversimplify your concerns and only want to talk on the phone, hang up as fast as you can! Don’t waste any more of your time because that is your cue to find another removalist. Now you should be aware too because wolf in sheep clothing does exist, they might come to your house to do a pre-survey, but you should keep an eye on them and what they are doing when they do this “pre-survey”. Do they listen and take notes on all of your concerns and requirements or better do they ask you questions if you’ll buy any big furnitures for your new place because the objective of doing a pre-survey is to determine your exact need and provide you with an accurate quote.

  • Large Amount Of Deposit

    Credible removal company will ask for a deposit payment to secure a booking, but if they ask you to pay a large amount of deposit or the full price of service, you better search for another service. A trustworthy removal company would not ask you to pay upfront, if you agree with this you might as well say goodbye to all your items because it potentially leads to a scam. You should pay for the removal service after everything is finished and all your items are delivered to your new home safely.

  • The Very Low Price

    It’s too good to be true if they come up with a very low cost, this could often happen when they are not doing the pre-survey and they just throw a cheap price right away. what could happen next is that they will charge you with additional cost during the day of your move, they will tell you that your belongings need certain materials to wrap it, or need a bigger transportation to move into your new home that could charge you with the “hidden cost”. This is why you should ask upfront about if there’s any cost require with your move before you agree to sign and use their service, because a good removalist company will discuss any additional cost with you thoroughly.

If you accidentally have hired the removal service with one or a few of the criterias I mentioned above and then you see the dirty or the unmaintained truck they use to transport your treasured belongings, you might feel your knees weakened, but that’s okay. You can take a deep breathe, especially if you haven’t pay any deposit because you could cancel your bookings and find removalist with great quality elsewhere, if you are lucky and already read this article then you can proceed to look for the right removalist require for your house remove needs.

We Move Group is the affordable, fast, friendly and reliable solution when you are planning your house move, you don’t need to look elsewhere because this removalist company will assist you in your house move. This removalist will make your moving experience to be stress-free as their priority and make sure all your belongings are being transported safely to your new home.

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