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Strategies To Maintain Safety During Your House Move!

When the topic of safety arises in the subject of house move, the most common thing that comes across is the safety of furniture. But one thing that most people tend to ignore is the safety of their own and the ones who are helping with their move. Moving house can be a burden and a very draining experience, it can damage you physically or emotionally especially if you don’t have the assistance of furniture removals sydney. That’s why it’s very important to have a safe house move. Follow these several points so you could avoid any injury and also any damage to your belongings.

3 Tips To Prevent Injuries On Your House Move

During the day of the house move, you should be prepared for a chaotic and very consuming day because it could not only be stressful, but dangerous for you too. These are a few pointers to help you :

  • The Proper Attire: trust me, you don’t want to be that person who learns until an accident occurs. This is why you should wear something comfortable because you will be required to do lots of movement. I’m talking about the shirt you’ll wear, accessories, shoes and if you have long hair, tie it up! A comfortable shirt and jeans is the right option. You should consider wearing clothes with a secure pocket, because during the moving day you want to keep your personal belongings in a secure place, thus you won’t have any fear of losing them. Next, shoes. Do not wear high-heel, flip-flops, or sandals. You have to wear something that covers your feet entirely, to protect your feet from heavy objects. The best option is to wear sport shoes. The flexibility and its anti-slip is what you need on a moving day. Last but not least, accessory. During your move, you do not want to add any stress due to a loss of jewelry, also because of its material that could cause them to get easily hooked on anything. Trust me, during the moving day you wouldn’t care about how fashionable you look.
  • Measure The Weight Of Your Boxes: keep in mind to never overload your moving boxes pass its maximum weight, you will have a problem trying to lift it up, remember the boxes will be moved down the stairs and get it inside of the truck. The maximum weight of a single pack box is 50 pounds, make sure you can lift it without feeling any strain, if you are unsure try to test lift it, make sure you still feel steady.
  • Leverage Right Lifting Technique: The most important technique to lift your box is to squat down and lift your entire lower body, never bend over because that’s usually the reason why a lot of people get hurt, make sure you are lifting with the help of your legs, not your back. Always make a slow and smooth movements, take small steps and keep your sight on what’s in front of you. If you need to turn while you are still holding the object, use your legs to turn slowly, not your hips.

How To Avoid Items Damage During House Move

After you went through an exhausting house move, the last thing you want to happen is to open your boxes and find out that your belongings are broken. With the right packing materials and strategies, you could open your boxes and see your items free from any damage.

  • Assemble The Packing Materials: besides boxes, there are other additional supplies for your house move, such as :
  1. Bubble wrap: the material of bubble wrap protects your item against vibration of transportation also it prevents any break when it accidentally dropped
  2. Moving blankets: besides the use of it can keep your items clean from dirt and dust, it also prevents water damage for your larger belongings
  3. Packing paper: to wrap fragile items with delicate surfaces such as crystals, plates or glasses.
  4. Moving plastic wrap: the most efficient material to wrap your large furniture items and it can be used as extra protection for your bulky or cushioned belongings
  • Measure Your Doorways: you should make sure that your furniture can fit and not too large to get through your doorways, if it cannot, you could remove the door from the hinge to have a wider door frame or remove other parts of the door frame and replace it after the move is complete.
  • Transportation: before you decide to rent a vehicle either if it’s a van or a truck you need to make sure it is the right size for all of your belongings. The incorrect size of the vehicle can lead you to move your items back and forth or you might end up forcing it to fit in the vehicle and possibly breaking it or if it’s too large there’s a risk that your belongings will slide around the truck and easily damage your items

Moving is a lot of work, why would you take the risk of doing it by yourself when you can effortlessly move out into your new place? avoid injuries, or any damage to your properties can be easily done when you choose a professional to help you out. The solution to all your concerns is by hiring a reliable professional in We Move Group, who knows everything related to house moving process, from the right materials to wrap your items and to the right transportation to deliver your belongings to your new home.

Don’t be fool by the affordable price, because We Move Group offers you a quick and efficient moving experience for you and your loved ones.

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