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We at We Move Sydney understand the pressures of moving home. Having over 10 years of removal experience, We Move Sydney has ensured we ease every stress of a move. Some of the things we understand concern a person are:

1. Making sure our items are moved safely from one place to the next

2. Making sure we have prepared our clients to knowing the best process in moving home in Sydney

3. Making sure it does eat up your valuable time

4. Making sure the move does not cost you more than it should

What we aim to do

What we aim to do as a Removalist company in Lansdowne is provide you with the most professional and seamless experience. We can cater to all types of Removalist work from:

1. Small item moves in Lansdowne

a. We have a fleet of vans that would be able to handle your small tedious items and avoid using a higher priced truck.

2. Studio apartment Removalist Lansdowne

a. Having a fleet of trucks, our efficient 3.5-4.5 tonne truck is perfect for this move ensuring a cost efficient move. These trucks typically come at a cheaper rate

3. 1 Bedroom Unit Removalist Lansdowne

a. With these types of moves we try our best to ask as many questions as possible to recommend a truck that will be cost efficient and time efficient. Depending on the site of the place we have 2 different sized trucks that can cater for your move

4. 2 Bedroom Unit Move OR 2 Bedroom House Move

a. These moves are our most popular. We have ensured our fleet has a larger amount of equipped Removalist trucks in Lansdowne ready to go at your request.

5. 3-4 Bedroom House Moves

a. We have our specialist 16 Tonne trucks available for these monster moves. Our 16 Tonne Trucks usually come with a 3rd man to ensure the move is not stretched out too long. All of our large trucks come with a tail lift to make sure we are making this move as speedy as we can.

The commercial movers team

We move Sydney are not limited to house moves, we also have a team that are extremely experienced in commercial Removalist work. The commercial movers team in Lansdowne covers the following types of moves:

1. Office Relocation Lansdowne Team
2. Commercial Removalists Lansdowne
3. Machinery Removalists Lansdowne Team
4. Packing & Unpacking
5. Dismantling and Assembling Services Lansdowne

5 simple reasons FOR CHOOSING US

1. Highly Trained & Skilled Removalist Team – Field & Office Teams
2. Over 10 Years Of Furniture Removalist Lansdowne Experience
3. One Of the Leading Brands In Sydney
4. Large Fleet ensuring your move is done efficiently
5. One of The Most Cost Effective Removalist Business In Sydney


Please check out our rates below to learn about what is the most suitable package for your move or contact our highly experienced call centre and ask them any questions you may have.

We are capable to providing you the best services regardless of the size move you have. When discussing your move with our call centre staff, they will ask you as many questions as possible to make your move the most seamless experience. Having a Removalist in Lansdowne ready to go, we are able to charge cheaper rates which we love passing these savings back to our local clients.

If you would like a quick quote please click here and our representatives will provide you with this. If you would like more of an accurate quote calculator please click here.

We have also created a very useful Frequently Asked Questions section to assist with any common questions.